History of the Château Buchlovice follows the history of the nearby Buchlov Castle held by the House of Petřvald since 1644. By the end of the 17th century, the old mediæval fortress no more complied with high living standards and became rather uncomfortable for the nobility. Those days Jan Dětřich of Petřvald decided to have a château built, having intended to present his wife Agnes Eleonora from the Venetian Colonna family with this most gallant gift.

 The castle has been designed in the Italian Baroque style. Even though there was a number of participating architect, it is Domenico Martinelli, a famous Italian constructer from Lucca, Tuscany, who is given credit for the largest part of the concept. The construction did not last longer than 9 years as the château has been habitable since 1707. The last member of the Petřvald family, Marie-Eleonore, died childless in 1800 and bequeathed the whole manor to her nephew, Leopold I of the House of Berchtold. The Berchtold family which had its ancestry in Tyrol, Austria, came during the Thirty Years’ war and settled themselves in the south of Moravia at the Manor Uherčice, hence the name of the family branch, Berchtolds from Uherčice.